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A1 Garage Door technicians are experts at identifying what is wrong with your Garage Door and then repairing or replacing the parts. This can avoid or postpone costly replacement of the whole Garage Door. Our team will advise what's best to minimise the overall running costs of your Garage Door.

  • Replace Broken Cables
  • Replace Broken Cable
  • Replace Broken Rollers
  • Bent Garage Tracks
  • Drum Replacement
  • Panel Replacement
  • Door Opener Repair
  • Door Opener Remote
  • Garage Door weather Stripping
  • Insulation




Replace Broken Springs

Our technicians are well-trained and can handle any type of problem with your broken Garage Door Springs. Our team hold spare parts in their vans. This means that once the problem is diagnosed, we can repair the door on the same visit.

broken spring

Replace Broken Cable

The Cable lifts and lowers the Garage Door. Cables can snap or become tangled. Never operate your Garage Door without both cables working properly! Cables wear out over time and can rust. Your safety is important to A1 Garage Doors so if one cable is damaged, we will replace the other one on the same visit.

broken cable

Replace Broken Rollers

Broken, squeaky Rollers can affect the overall performance of your Garage Door. Call A1 Garage Doors if you want to have them repaired or replaced.

replacement rollers

Replace Bent Tracks

A common issue with Garage Doors are Door Tracks that become bent, out of alignment, or damaged. This damage may be caused though an accident or by lack of maintenance. A1 Garage Doors will replace your Door Tracks, and realign your Garage Door. We will also give FREE advice on how to prevent damage and maintain the health of your Garage Door.


Door Drum Replacement

If your Garage Door is noisy or vibrates while opening, the Drum may need to be replaced.

door drum

Door Panel Replacement

Panels are damaged by Vehicle related incidents or by leaving objects under a closing Garage Door. Panels can also be damaged by lack of preventative maintenance. A1 Garage Doors can replace the Panels, and ensure the Garage Door is working smoothly.

replacement panel

Door Opener Replacement

If your Garage Door is not opening and closing, the cause is likely to be a faulty Garage Door Opener. Our Technicians are skilled at diagnosing the fault, and advising you on the best solution. We will offer you a free on-site assessment of what the repair costs will be. A1 Garage Doors are an authorised Merlin garage door opener dealer, which means we supply great quality products.

800N GDO

Garage Door Insulation

The Garage can cause your home to lose warmth. To reduce thermal loss through your Garage Door, A1 Garage Doors will retro-fit Insulation Panels into most Garage Doors. We will advise you on the best solution for your Garage Door. Give us a call to find what solution is best.

garage door insulation

Weather Stripping

Older Garages were often installed without Weather Seals. By fitting Weather Seals, you eliminate Weather penetration into your Garage. Weather Seals also reduce noise and the risk of losing warmth.

weather stripping

Need a replacement Garage Door Opener Remote?

Garage Door Remotes can be lost or stolen. The Remote Batteries losing charge is another common issue. A1 Garage Doors hold a range of Garage Door Remote replacements for a wide range of Doors. We will also reprogram the new Remote to your Garage Door.

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