Garage Door Opener Technology Options

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Motorise your manual Garage Door or replace your existing Garage Door Opener. After 20+ years of experience servicing and repairing Garage Doors, we noticed what Garage Door Openers were the most reliable. A1 Garage Doors are an Auckland-wide installer of Garage Door Openers. This means that we supply great quality products that will leave you with peace of mind. Combine our Garage Door Openers with great installation and you will end up with quiet and reliable Garage Door operation along with all of the modern features available on the market.

800N GDO

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Opener feat and benefits

Garage WIFI Controls and WIFI Camera

For monitoring all activity in and around your Garage.

Wifi with hand
wifi camera 1
wifi camera2

Optional accessories

smart 1


With built in Wi-Fi you can receive alerts, open and close you garage door and sync with other popular devices, such as camera, security alarm, using only GDO SMART system app.


External Wireless Keypad

Access to Garage without key or remote.

battery backup

Wireless Light Beam

Excellent for safety. Door will not close if light beam is obstructed.

extra wall button

Extra Wall Button

Smart 2 channel wall button.

wireless receiver

Universal Receiver

For connecting gates and other motors to your remote. Number of channels: 4 channels
Capacity: 500 remotes

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Garage Door Opener Remote

Garage Door Remotes can be lost or stolen. The other common issue is when the Door Opener Remote Battery dies. A1 Garage Doors hold a range of Garage Door Remote replacements and will even reprogram the new Remote to your Door Opener.

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